XXXVIII Open Jubilado Tournament

Game typeRetired Chess (Rules)
Tournament typeRound robin
Time control3 days for each move
CompetitorsMin 8 - Max 999 - Max per section: 5
ModeratorArgentina Sergio Admin
Enroll until06/03/2018 23:59
Start at06/05/2018 00:00

Joined users

Player Role Rank Joined at
Argentina Sergio Admin (sergio) Moderator 1596 12/24/2017
Chile José Fuentes Urrutia (zerdeja) Player 1038 05/26/2018
Portugal Manuel Pintor (mapin) Player 1277 05/24/2018
Argentina ricdos (ricdos) Player 973 05/24/2018
Argentina Vicente Andres Molina (vamolina) Player 1031 05/24/2018
Spain Rubén (rupasca) Player 1203 05/24/2018
Catalunya Jordi Cabré i Carbó (maivadis) Player 1385 05/24/2018
United States of America Eduardo Vasquez (Guayo) Player 1607 05/24/2018
Mexico Gustavo Idle (Diadoco) Player 1447 05/23/2018
Uruguay Franco (Fran) Player 1658 05/22/2018

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