XXXII Open Jubilado Tournament

Game typeRetired Chess (Rules)
Tournament typeRound robin
Time control3 days for each move
CompetitorsMin 8 - Max 999 - Max per section: 5
ModeratorArgentina Sergio Admin
Enroll until01/31/2017 23:59
Start at02/02/2017 00:00
Round 3100%

Tournament rules

The way of play is round robin in several groups with a time control of 3 days for each move. These groups will be formed by 5 players (or less), playing two games (one per each color) against each opponent.

The winners of each group will pass to the next round, which will start immediately after all of groups have defined. If there is a tie in the first position of a group, all players who have reached the highest score, will play the next round.

The round with only one group is the last round of the tournament.The winner of this group will be the tournament champion. If there is a tie in the last round, a tiebreak round will be played by all players who have reached the highest score.

Games are friendly and gentlemanly.

It's not necessary to say that the use of software assistance is not allowed. We trust good faith and fair play of our users.

Each player will be able to take until 15 days for holidays during the tournament.

If a player falls in timeout, his opponent will be able to claim win the game.

If a player has fallen in timeout for 5 days, his opponent will win the game automatically, no matter if there have been a requested.

About mail move warnings

These services can be activate doing click over "My profile" and then entering in "Change preferences". These mails are free and only are a help for users.

We won't accept claims about timeouts due to missing mails, due to Opengames or external problems. It is responsibility of users to play their games on time.


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