Rules for Retired Chess

Retired chess is a simplification of the tradicional game science, especially thought to players whose strategy is play hard, exchanging pieces looking for a little advantage in the ending game. In this game you can’t do great tactical combinations or the hesitations of a middle game with uncountable variants. This is the game for obstinate players, who loves the fight hand-to-hand. If you are of whom they accept the gambits and, although you are suffering, try to carry the advantage of a small pawn at the ending game, this game will be your pleasure!


It is a very interesting chess variant's for expert players in pawns and rooks endings and beginning players who want to improving his play in this kind of endings.


Retired chess rule's are the same rules of clasical chess but only play with king and pawns. Morever, when pawns arrive to the eighth square, only can promote to rooks.

Of course, "en passant" capture is contempled in this game.


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