Peasant's Revolt room history

Finished at Players Winner  
06/06/2013 11:31 Argentina Oscar Gomez (Topo) (White) - US Virgin Islands goodwin (nye) (Black) Argentina Oscar Gomez Show
05/08/2013 19:53 Hungary keme1 (keme1) (White) - Argentina Oscar Gomez (Topo) (Black) Hungary keme1 Show
05/01/2013 10:34 Argentina Oscar Gomez (Topo) (White) - Hungary keme1 (keme1) (Black) Hungary keme1 Show
03/24/2013 23:12 Hungary keme1 (keme1) (White) - Argentina Silvio Admin (silvio) (Black) Hungary keme1 Show
03/15/2013 14:20 Argentina Silvio Admin (silvio) (White) - Spain Rinju (Rinju) (Black) Spain Rinju Show
02/24/2013 14:40 Hungary keme1 (keme1) (White) - Brazil Fabio Bianchi de Moura (Orionchess) (Black) Hungary keme1 Show
02/01/2013 14:55 Mexico JUAN CARLOS ORNELAS MARAVILLA (MARAVILLA) (White) - Argentina Silvio Admin (silvio) (Black) Argentina Silvio Admin Show
01/10/2013 05:29 United States of America Leonard Fusselman (TheLeon) (White) - Argentina Sojuzgado (Soj) (Black) Argentina Sojuzgado Show
12/29/2012 13:36 Argentina Germán Fernández (Germancitof) (White) - Argentina Oscar Gomez (Topo) (Black) Draw Show
12/19/2012 21:58 Hungary keme1 (keme1) (White) - Argentina Oscar Gomez (Topo) (Black) Hungary keme1 Show

Peasant's Revolt Social Room room


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