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03/04/2017 15:58 Russian Federation lele (White) - Mexico Juan Antonio (Black) Mexico Juan Antonio Show
09/04/2016 23:20 Russian Federation lele (White) - Mexico Gustavo (Black) Mexico Gustavo Show
05/30/2016 20:01 Argentina Oscar Gomez (White) - Argentina JUAN CARLOS HUSEBY (Black) Argentina Oscar Gomez Show
05/15/2016 10:32 Argentina Laugenio (White) - Argentina Oscar Gomez (Black) Argentina Laugenio Show
11/28/2015 08:32 Argentina Alejandro Raul GONZALEZ (White) - Argentina Sergio Admin (Black) Argentina Sergio Admin Show
11/18/2015 15:30 Argentina Sergio Admin (White) - Argentina Alejandro Raul GONZALEZ (Black) Argentina Sergio Admin Show
04/07/2015 13:27 Russian Federation jrenaud (White) - Ukraine zxsanny (Black) Ukraine zxsanny Show
03/24/2015 23:46 Russian Federation jrenaud (White) - Uruguay Libertcharrua (Black) Uruguay Libertcharrua Show
03/16/2015 16:55 Spain antonio (White) - Catalunya Jordi Cabré i Carbó (Black) Spain antonio Show
02/13/2015 19:23 Peru Horacio Morales Dàvila (White) - Argentina Oscar Gomez (Black) Argentina Oscar Gomez Show

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