Retired Chess room history

Finished at Players Winner  
06/23/2016 00:39 Argentina Sojuzgado (Soj) (White) - Colombia SIXALPAKINTE (Kid Colombia) (Black) Argentina Sojuzgado Show
06/05/2016 00:39 United States of America Leonard Fusselman (TheLeon) (White) - Argentina Sojuzgado (Soj) (Black) Argentina Sojuzgado Show
05/18/2016 18:27 Argentina Sojuzgado (Soj) (White) - Spain Nerea Pastor Jorda (Antrajin) (Black) Argentina Sojuzgado Show
05/18/2016 16:01 Colombia SIXALPAKINTE (Kid Colombia) (White) - Argentina perspicaz (perspicaz) (Black) Argentina perspicaz Show
05/18/2016 01:30 Argentina Silvio Admin (silvio) (White) - United States of America Leonard Fusselman (TheLeon) (Black) Argentina Silvio Admin Show
05/16/2016 16:04 Argentina perspicaz (perspicaz) (White) - Colombia SIXALPAKINTE (Kid Colombia) (Black) Draw Show
05/01/2016 15:51 Argentina Oscar Gomez (Topo) (White) - Colombia SIXALPAKINTE (Kid Colombia) (Black) Argentina Oscar Gomez Show
04/27/2016 03:14 United States of America Leonard Fusselman (TheLeon) (White) - Colombia SIXALPAKINTE (Kid Colombia) (Black) Colombia SIXALPAKINTE Show
04/23/2016 16:36 Argentina gabriel fernandez (maroczy) (White) - Mexico Francisco González Christen (Frankgon) (Black) Mexico Francisco González Christen Show
04/20/2016 22:18 Colombia SIXALPAKINTE (Kid Colombia) (White) - Argentina Silvio Admin (silvio) (Black) Colombia SIXALPAKINTE Show

Ajedrez Jubilado room


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