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Nick abuOnline
Name Néstor
Last seen at 03/21/2018
Local time 03/21/2018 11:47
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Link http://www.ajedrezjubilado.com.ar/
About me Soy ingeniero especializado en aire acondicionado y un aficionado gustoso del ajedrez y la literatura.
In vacation to 03/21/2018

Award showcase

award XXIV Open Jubilado Tournament
award VIII Open Jubilado Tournament
award Open Jubilado Tournament


Game type Rank Rated games Win/Draw/Lose games
Chess 1384 35 22/8/5
Benedict Chess 1253 10 7/0/3
Furcifer 1372 16 14/0/2
Gomoku 1167 1 0/0/1
Retired Chess 1501 630 333/253/44


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