We're back!

First we would like to apologize for the service interruption. Since site creation, we have not had a shutdown as longer time. But after 8 days, we are alive again. Thanks to support from our service provider, we do not lose data. All games and data have been recovered, so they are now as they were at the time of shutdown. Unfortunately, there are many running games and 4 tournaments. We hope that in the next days, all players are coming back to play again.

The timeouts will be disabled until the 18th of January.

From the month of September 2013 to November we were receiving hacking attempts from the server, because the base of the programs were extremely old (2008).

During the month of November we did a software update for we avoid these attempts. This update ended up not being compatible with the virtual server platform provider.

From the first of January we retrieve all the information of the headings and data users. Then we had to hire a new server, configure it again, putting on the applications and move information.

Once done, we tested how the new server, which is located within the virtual services platform DigitalOcean. Although we detected no errors, does not mean that he could not any. In case of detecting a "bug" may follow the instructions in our FAQ http://www.opengames.com.ar/es/faq

Thank you and good games!

January 08, 2014

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