Marmolería Gaona, official sponsor of Opengames

Marmolería Gaona, mármoles, silestone, granitos, family business with 40 years experience within the world of construction and decoration, has become the Opengames official sponsor for all Argentine.

We want to thank them for working with us on our site, and make possible us to continue working hard to provide a bit of fun for players around the world every day.

More than three years ago, when Opengames was born, we were interested in playing and have some fun ... we have spoken about this in other opportunities. While we are not a massive site like others, we have 150 users around the world, playing around 550 games by month.

Maintaining a site of this nature is not expensive in terms of money, but it involves dedication and perseverance.

Therefore, this support is not only an economic contribution, it is also recognition and a boost to continue working day by day.

July 28, 2012

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