XI Open Retired Tournament has finished

After almost 6 months of hard and thrilling games, the XI Open Retired Tournament |http://www.opengames.com.ar/en/tournaments/2011/XI%20Open%20Jubilado%20Tournament} has finished. Our friend César Reyes Maldonado has reached to the championship, for pride of all Venezuelans.

A very interesting final round, where Néstor from Argentina and ChessPoeta from Peru have shared the runner-up. Then the crown travels from Argentina to Venezuela.

From our country, we saw as Cesar was improving day to day his play's level until, today, he becomes in the new champion of Retired Chess. He has got trophies of Chess, Benedict Chess and Knights Joust, reaching 5 awards that he deservedly exhibits in his showcase. Congratulations Cesar! From here, we invite you to know his web site http://www.enrocate.com

For other side, we want to congratulate ChessPoeta for his excellent performance. He brings the silver award towards Peru. He only needed half point more in order to reach Cesar. We invite you to visit his blog http://chessbryan.blogspot.com|http://chessbryan.blogspot.com}.

We also congratulate benilux, because he played his first last round and Sergio for his performance and moderator role.

65 players from 15 countries have taken part of this tournament, including users from Portugal and Germany for first time.

February 28, 2012

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