Congratulations Ariza

In a very interesting final, our friend Ariza overcame to Argentinean players and he is the new Champion of Ajedrez Jubilado. The second and third positions haven't settled yet, when only 1 game of 110 is still playing, but the gold has been reached by Spain.

It is possible that this event wasn't as massive as World FIFA Cup or Wimbledon Championship, however it is obviously than our Spanish friends don't stop in their sports victories.

21 players from 14 countries took part in this tournament, which was started in last January... game to game, during 6 months Ariza has showed to be a merited champion, overcoming in the last round to Néstor (the previous champion) and Sergio. Great revenge for Ariza!!!

In addition, the March Tournament is close to decide. In the last game Ariza and Nestor are playing again in the tiebreak round (an unbelievable end where Ariza takes now advantage #2297).

From Buenos Aires, we greet to our friend from Malaga and we thank him for taking part. In September, a new tournament will start and other players will have a new chance.

July 23, 2010

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