Opengames in Català

After a hard work from our friend xavimv, we announce the availability of playing in Catalan language.

Catalan is the third language that is available in Opengames, and the first which is added after 16 months of life (English and Spanish are working from beginning), hence, it is a very important event for us.

In our activities, Opengames team has always supported the cultural diversity. For that reason, this new version of site, which has been translated to 11.5 millions of people who speak Catalan, is a little aid to Catalonian and global culture, and we are proud of it.

If your explorer is configured in this language, all pages will show in Catalan by default. Furthermore, you can select the language clicking the flag at the top of page. After log in, we suggest set the default language in "Preferences" page.

We hope that our friends from Barcelona, Andorra, Valencia, Mallorca and others places where this language is spoken, feel more comfortable with this translated version of our site.

March 27, 2010

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