First Retired Chess international game

On Tuesday, August 18th, Néstor from Argentina on whites, has defeated Miguel from México on blacks, and closed the first international fellow game of this chess variant.

Congratulations to the players!

The match lasted for 34 moves. Néstor, playing with whites, took the advantage of his experience over Miguel.

The argentinean is who invented and proposed this variant, and is a great player too. I've tried to beat him in several occasions and I still couldn't make it, but I don’t lose my hope. Miguel, despite not ever having played Retired Chess, have played a great game, allowing us to enjoy the match.

Going on match details, whites took a significant advantage on the beginning and, with a skilled movement, took his king on his enemy’s king side pawns. Despite this practically crucial gained difference, Miguel didn’t let him intimidate. With a backlash over white’s queen side, took several pawns while his opponent promote rook. In Retired Chess you must only promote rooks, thereby reaching the eighth square not always settles the game. However, this backlash could not change the fate of the match, but forced his rival's effort, which had to change his rook and promote again, waiting to move 34 to win.

Great match and congratulations again!

August 22, 2009

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