Tournament for the first half of 2010

The 2010 tournament schedule is ready; it can be read at tournaments page

If you want to play the January Retired chess tournament, you will be able to join from 31 december. An advertisement is going to appear in our homepage in order to nobody miss this tournament.

On last November, we began our first tournament in Opengames. After 45 days, around 10 games are still developing.

Of course, a lot of players who haven't gotten survive to the first round, feel anxious to have other chance to try to do it better.

Furthermore, players who have already won his groups (David, Ariza, Ioannes, Sixto y Néstor), I guess, are impatient waiting for the next round.

For this reason, we have announced the tournament schedule for the first semester.

Of course, we let our users play others games. For example, on February a traditional chess is going to start and on April three tournaments are going to start (Gomoku, Pente and Peasant Revolt).


26 Desembre 2009

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