The end of leadership of Rio de la Plata time zone

Until this moment, all users have had to use the Buenos Aires time zone.

Now, each user can chose his local time zone in his preference user page.

When Opengames was born, 1 year ago, we were a group of Argentineans, all from Buenos Aires, with passion for playing board games. Hence, it has looked like us natural that the Opengames server is based on time zone of our city.

Then, games and messages time have been showed according Buenos Aires time zone, including the change by summer time (although this year hasn't happened).

A few months ago the Argentineans preponderance has gone... since October, the Spanish users have been the first majority!

We are seconds in quantity, but Mexican users are near to reach us. (when the note is published, the number of Mexican users is greater than Argentinian users)

For this reason, it seems more logical to us, that each user can select his local time zone.

Then the server will show the events in the time zone which each user prefers.

In order to configure the local time zone, users have to enter to "my profile" and click "change preferences".

The time zone options are wide, in addition, summer schedule of several places are been considering. Users who visit for first time or still not log in, will have the Buenos Aires time zone. However, as soon as have logged in, schedule will be changed to the user time zone.

In order to aid to our users, we will modify the user time zone according to the following rule:

Argentinean users => Buenos Aires time zone.
Mexican users => Distrito Federal time zone.
Venezuelan users => Caracas time zone.
Spanish users => Madrid time zone.
Brazilian users => Sao Paulo time zone.
Colombian users => Bogotá time zone.
Peruvian users => Lima time zone.
Uruguayan users => Montevideo time zone.

Furthermore, it is possible to know the time zone of opponents, which will be showed in his profile as local time.

11 Novembre 2009

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