The timeout is running

Since today, Opengames game timeouts have been working. If your opponent gets in timeout, like a "flag fall" in chess, you are be able to "Claim win for timeout".

In your games list, you can view which games has an opponent timeout by a red flag over "Show" link. In the game page, a new option appears with the red flag. If you click over "Claim win for timeout" option in the game page, you will win the fight immediately.

If your opponent has been in timeout, but you has not been connected or done "Claim win for timeout", he/she are allowed to do moves and yours game continues.

If a player has been in timeout for 60 days, Game Master will end the game, awarding the game to corresponding player.


You can set the vacations period in your profile page. Use the "vacations" link below ads.

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