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Server problems

Since yesterday at 23:00 hours (in Argentina), until today at 05:00 the server was not working for technical problems.

We apologize by that. The game time was not modified.

11 Setembre 2009

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First Retired Chess international game

On Tuesday, August 18th, Néstor from Argentina on whites, has defeated Miguel from México on blacks, and closed the first international fellow game of this chess variant.

Congratulations to the players!

22 Agost 2009

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Firend's day

Today, in Argentina y Uruguay, we celebrate the Friend's day (Friend's day in Wikipedia)

From this little site, we salute to all Opengames friends.

20 Juliol 2009

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Link and About me in my profile

Since las server update, you can add personal information like "Link" to home page and "About me" text.

We hope you enjoy.

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New look for home page

Our users will discover the new look in the home page. The login form has move to the page top.

We believe that none user have trouble accessing your account. Just only enter your nick and password and click "Login"!

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Small update

For tomorrow, July 18, approximately 6:00 (in Argentina), and for a few brief minutes, we will update the server, incorporating some minor design changes and a few simple addon on the user profile.

We hope that these small changes are to your liking.

17 Juliol 2009

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Server problems

Opengames was not available yesterday, a Tuesday night.

Despite that, the timeouts of games were not modified. Our apologies to users.

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Invitations in Game Creation

Since today, you can invite another Opengames user in the game creations page.

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The timeout is running

Since today, Opengames game timeouts have been working. If your opponent gets in timeout, like a "flag fall" in chess, you are be able to "Claim win for timeout".

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Vacations and timeouts

Since May, the running games can finalize for timeout, if a player does not responding during move period.

In the profile section, every one will can configure the warn for timeouts and the vacations period.

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