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About Opengames

Opengames is a social board games site by turns. You will be able to playing free games as chess and its variants, Gomoku and others. The purpose is to take a daily break for playing against other people for fun. It means that the site administrators's don't assure, at the moment, a correct opertation of the full system. This site can be discontinue at any moment in unexpected way. Although these mistakes are not made frecuently, we solicit self-control and cooperation from ours users in order to solve all technical problems that could appear. Yes and not. Even though, at some time, it would can be offered some type of membership pays for some functions, The assumed commitments, as it explains in the about, assure the free membership for ever.


You must go to home site and click "New User" link. Then you will complete the form with your name and email. The request is not automatic and an administrator must be approve the request. The approve process can take a while. Please, be patient for the fun! A link for starting game will appear in your games list. From there, you will be able to choose a virtual room of games. It also is possible to come at this room from the main page. When you are inside of a room, simply join you to an opened game or begin a new game.

About games

A player fall in timeout when his time to make his move has elapsed. Following this moment, his opponent can ask win the game. In his list of games, games whose opponent time has elapsed, are showed up by a red flag. In these games, you could claim and you will win the game at same time. However if your opponent has replied before you claims, the game follows normally and you can't to claim until a new opponent's timeout. If a player has been in timeout by more than 60 days, Opengames automatically will declare winner of the game to his opponent, though he hasn't claimed anything. You could ask holidays time so that your clock is stopped for this time. Each user has 60 days at year for managing his breaks like he wants. For this, you go to your profile and clik on the link "Holidays". Next you will be able to put the interval of time in which your clock will be stopped. The ranking is resolved by the Elo method (Elo rating in Wikipedia), considering factor K according to the following table:

Players with provisional rank (less than 15 games)K = 50.
Less than 1400 ranking playersK = 50.
Less than 1700 ranking playersK = 40.
Less than 2000 ranking playersK = 30.
Less than 2300 ranking playersK = 25.

It is important to know that changes of Elo are calculated using the ranking in the beginning of the game, Without pay attention at any fluctuations that could happen during the game.

If the mistake is about a game, write us pointing out the game number. On the other hand, if the mistake is about an Opengames function, write us pointing out what is the page which it has given the mistake, what were facts and what was the error message, if there was. In both cases, please, writes us in Spanish language as first choice. Anyway, you can use English instead of it.


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