OpenGames is a meeting and entertainment social site based on a simple interface and focused on a fundamental objective: to play board games.

OpenGames basically has two supports on which it bases its working. One of them is Opengames site proper; it implements the administration of game rooms, boards, players and users. The site, although you do not believe it, knows nothing about the move rules or if a move which has been played is checkmate or has been eaten a opponent’s piece. For this, a generic motor of board games exists, which is called QGames. This is the other support that I have spoken, it controls and solves games.

QGames is a games board platform on which, according to rules defined in simple form, each one of moves of the game are allowed, verify if this game has been finished and which colors is the winner. QGames knows nothing about who is the player, when the game has started or if game corresponds to a tournament or is a casual game, for example.

This is a Opengames´s matter.

A brief history

I began the project to develop a platform of games by the end of the last century, around 1998. Obviously, the most part of that time, it was only a idea. During those years, I tried different alternatives, I developed different game motors, I analyzed several technologies, etcetera… at the same time I did my normal life, I worked, I studied (not too much), I had children.

On the middle of the year 2006 I broke off with all programs that I had done and I have begun to write a new generic program for board games, according simple rules, which has already been introduced as QGames.

At end of 2007, QGames could manage some games like the Gomoku, Nought and crosses, Pente and (the game which more effort it has demanded me) chess.

In this moment, I decided to pause with QGames project in that point, without looking for more depth, and beginning to develop a site to be able to work together with the motor.

Thus OpenGames was born. At the beginning of 2008, the site was ready to be tested. Although functionalities were lows, they were enough for playing without problems.

With the aid of my brother Sergio, we did correct some errors, problems of fulfillment and gave some functionalities more.

On November 1, 2008, I brought forward OpenGames and their game motor QGames so that you can enjoy them.


Since 10 years ago, I have played free in many Internet sites similar and (much) better than OpenGames. In several of them, after playing for months and years, suddenly and from day to day, site’s administrators changed the right's free membership and I could not to go on enjoying the site, without a paid membership.

Some times, the amount of simultaneous games was fallen off drastically.

In others, the amount of daily moves was been limited. In a case, I did not be able to receive my games by mail. Recently, a site did not let me to start new games and I was immediately removed of a tournament that I had been playing, in spite of my complaints to the administrator.

Perhaps, these disappoints have motivated to me to bring to life Opengames today. For that reason, today I establish 5 commitments for Opengames, which I will try to fulfill of good faith while it is possible to me. If I cannot to fulfill them, I will close the site, delete the programs and leave the project definitively.

Commitment 1: "50 games are satisfactory ".

Any free user will be able always to have up to 50 simultaneous active games.

Commitment 2:: "Your finished games, for 90 days".

When game ends, a summary of game in legible format according the kind of game will be sent to both players mails. Each user can choose to receive this mail. Until 90 days later, players can send to his mail this summary again, At same time, it is possible to watch the game freely in the site.

Commitment 3: “Noninvasive advertising”

The site will have advertising that users will be able to quit with a paid membership. To playing any game, the advertising will be noninvasive. This means that the advertising will be a small square text, so that it does not affect the visibility of the game board.

Commitment 4:: "Everything can fail, but while it fails, I do not earn for the advertising."

Site is working in form “Beta”. This means that it will be able to have technical problems which, temporarily, make impossible to fulfill the commitments 1, 2 and 3.

This problem is produced by a fault not by a change of the game conditions and it is possible that it happens at any time. I will claim to the patience of the users while the problem is worked out. During the fault time, the advertising will be replaced by an excuse written by the administrator of the site. It is important that, you as user, understand that seems a simple topic, is very important for the site, because the decrease of income by advertising will be able to help to solve the problem faster.

Commitment 5:: "Everything has its price, but the commitments do not have"

Each man has his price and the sites also.

The Internet bubble went out a long time ago already and I did and have put on this site by fun, not for money. I am not selling the site in this moment, but in the case I decide to sell it (and maybe to get me in millionaire), I will do it if the new owner accepts these commitments.

About the users behavior

Hopefully, each person will be able to have a unique user and he/she will not be able to share it.

By the fact to be site user presupposes the acceptation of the site rules.

Opengames has the liberty from decision to do actions from the simple warning until to dismiss a user, who has had a bad behavior, has abused other user, has tried to crack the site, has tried to log in not his/her account, has proceeded of bad faith or has done some kind of cheating.

Users also delegate to Opengames their rights of broadcasting and reproduction of the games which have been played in the site, without anything remuneration due to these. Anyway, this delegation wont diminish the intellectual property that users could own. This property will be recognized without hesitations by Opengames .

Administrator will be complaisant, will listen viewpoints and will show self-control although users are offending him.

Privacy policy

Initially I thought policy of privacy like a sixth commitment, but in fact I wanted that the commitments put a differentiation from Opengames with others sites.

Opengames privacy policy is not an innovation and it is like a user would wish of a site where he/she puts a personal information.

Opengames wont sell nor will print nor will use in marketing campaigns, personal and other people's informations put here by the users. User, from his/her personal page will be able to choose that kind of mail he/she will receive.

If it would have the necessity to warn, to ban or to remove a user by any reason, will only notify the involved user. Opengames wont print in it either in other mass media, any type of comment about happened thing that have justified this drastic resolution.

Legal responsibilities

Opengames wont take responsability for the commentaries and the actions have been done by users in the site. These will only be responsability of the same users. Opengames wont accept claims from other persons by commentaries, hurts or brekages that the site would be able to cause to him.

Opengames wont accept claims from other persons by commentaries, hurts or losses that the site would be able to cause to him.

=right= Silvio Quadri
November 2008
Buenos Aires - Argentina


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